VYETH Student Magazine


Prof. A. M. Matta
Mrs. Sabah Bashir Fahad
(Lecturer English)
Rakib Ahmad Zia
(Lecturer Political Science)
Student Editors
Tanzeel Hayat
Shaziya Bashir
Nuomaan Gojwari

Patron’s Message

A ‘forum for students’ in the form of a law magazine such as ‘Vyeth’ is
a vital part of the curriculum for legal studies. ‘Vyeth’ the law
students’ magazine of Vitasta School of Law provides such a forum
to the lawyers in the making, to apply their mind to the socio-legal issues
confronting the society and to express themselves on such issues freely and
fairly in an organized manner.
It is a joyous occasion for the faculty and the students here at Vitasta School of Law to see the sixth volume of ‘Vyeth’ in publication. Diverse socio- legal issues have been deliberated upon by young law students, which exhibits their sensitivity to and their concern for the ills that pervade our society. They also share the possible solutions for such ills in order to obtain an orderly and peaceful society. The seriousness of the main issues
deliberated by the students is punctuated by lighter and aesthetic expressions in the form of poems, past memories and laughter as a natural expression of freedom.
The teachers’ editorial board has worked hard in pursuading and encouraging the students to start writing with fair amount of success. The students’ editorial board has worked equally hard to collect the material and put it in a proper format. Wasiq-ul-Rashid, member of the students editorial board, our outgoing student, deserves a special mention for his dedication and hard work in converting the students write ups in to a proper formate.
I hope that the present issue of ‘Vyeth’ would serve as an incentive for our
students in general to start writing for the magazine, which would be of
immense help to them in their carrier as advocates of justice.

(Prof. A.M. Matta)


It is a matter of great satisfaction that Vitasta School of Law has succeeded
in publishing its annual students’ magazine ‘Vyeth’ uninterruptedly for a
successive sixth year. It is also a matter of pride and recognition that students have come up with articles having a thought view point of their own in many of them, I found sincere originality, true canvass of their feelings and bolder outlook compared to an era, when we were of their age. I further impress upon these young writers to devote some of their time in writing and expressing boldly. I am a firm believer of the adage that ‘’nothing would ever be written if a person waited till he could write so well that a reviewer could find no fault with it”.
There is a great depth in the saying, of holy prophet (P.B.U.H), that “The
ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr”. In modern
times, this saying is the foundation of the means to retrieve this universe
from the present day mess. What is most required is that a teacher must be a modest and charitable soul because the teacher himself cannot tell where
his influence stops.
I have no hesitation in admitting that in our Principal Prof. A.M. Matta, I
have discovered an honest person, a disciplinarian, an able teacher and a
good administrator.
I owe my gratitude to worthyPrincipal, Prof .A.M. Matta, as patron of the
editorial board who provided us all the necessary facilities.
With these few words, I express my grateful appreciation and thanks to the
magazine committee for their magnificent team work, good planning and
hard work in bringing out the magazine in such a short duration.

(Rakib Ahmad Zia)