VYETH Student Magazine

Impact of Internet on Education

Tabasum Fayaz
B.A.LLB 1 st Semester Roll No: 20

Internet has revolutionized the whole world
in a short duration of time. It is the youngest
among all the technology ruling the world
right now. During the 805 BC, computer
was the symbol of human supremacy.
Earlier it was beyond our imagination to
think of connecting all corners of the world
but now the internet technology has made
it more than possible. Traces of digital
environment and internet technologies are
all around us. Internet is the central nervous
system of almost every communication
network today. The internet provides us with up to date information on a variety of topics. Every now and then we come across a new way of sharing information made possible by the internet.
Over the next decade the capability of internet services devoted to e-education purposes is set to increase enormously.
Internet is also revolutionizing our teaching and learning environment. Internet and education are becoming closely interconnected. The biggest issue related with internet as a tool of education
is how effectively we can use it to promote positive teaching learning experiences. The internet can be viewed as providing the following three basic types of tools in the educational domain.
Tools of inquiry, tools for communication and tools for construction. The internet has been beneficial in the educational area as a repository of vast amounts of information. Internet technology gives lifelong learners the tools to become autodidacts. It is a cheap alternative to expensive tuition fees charged by institutions of higher learning. However the educationists
who mean to employ the internet as a learning tool highlight the fact that not all information found on the net can be accepted as authentic. They emphasize that internet users must be taught
internet literacy skills for verifying the authenticity of the available content. The learners should also be taught how to obtain the desired information on the internet by using various search strategies and techniques.