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Something Called Social Networking: 

Facebook-Fresh Pages, New Book

Saba Ashraf Bhat 

B.A. LLB 6th Semester

Roll no: 21

In 2004 a website was launched by the name of “The Facebook” by Mark Zuckerberg, who was a student of Harvard along with his three other friends who were his seniors. This website, “the facebook” was primarily for the students of Harvard but then spread across to various other universities of other states and then to other countries. A year after it was launched its name “The facebook” was changed to ‘Facebook’. On August 26, 2008, Facebook announced that they had more than 100 million users with a monthly growth rate of 178.38%. The next year the number of users was twice the previous year, i.e. 200 million users. The hunger of making it the world’s largest Social Networking site was not satisfied till in September 2011 the number of users reached 800 million. The journey from 1 user to more than 800 million users was not easy for the people associated with facebook. All you need to do now is to go to Facebook.com, register yourself, find friends, layback and enjoy being connected to them

Facebook has brought a revolutionary meaning to the word Social Networking. You can now chat, share, comment, poke and do wonders to people who are far from you. You can even meet your lost buddies from school or college or even kindergarten. The only thing that now connects you to your lost friends sitting miles away from them is, facebook. Handling millions of users on facebook is not an easy job for the people at facebook. In March 2011 facebook announced that everyday some 20,000 profiles are removed from facebook for being under age, use of inappropriate material and spam in order to boost up the cyber security. In the month of June 2011, release of statistics by Double-click showed that facebook reached one trillion page viewers, hence making it the most visited website in the world. A report even suggests that facebook is the second most accessed website in America. These days we see even children making their profiles on facebook, we see youngsters with their mobiles in hand loaded with a internet pack or even surfing from Wi-Fi; logged on to facebook updating each and every step they take. Nowadays friends compete with each other just to show their supremacy to others by showing them more and more number of friends in their profiles. 

That was about the youngsters, now talking about the entrepreneurs and various other organizations (irrespective of them being Govt. funded or not) make use of facebook to the fullest by making groups or by creating pages. The more people you add in your group or the more people like your page; the more the news about your Organization spreads. Low-cost organizations who are not funded by the government have found facebook convenient to spread their message and communicate with people across their country or even other countries. 

“There are two sides of a coin”, where there is love there is hatred, where there is peace there is war, where there is good thing there is a bad thing, where there is facebook there is” controversy”. Achieving such feats without controversy was not possible, as facebook has been in the web of controversies mostly in the Muslim countries like Iran, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Syria and Pakistan. Some other countries have also banned facebook on different bases. The Muslim countries allege facebook of posting un-Islamic content on their website, which is absolutely true. Even the employers of companies have banned their employees from using facebook while they are working in their offices.  In November 2011, 200,000 users in Bangaluru had alleged that their profiles were hacked and some illegal contents were posted from their profiles. Usually pornographic or violent images were posted from their profiles to create some disturbance for the facebook users. Facebook however denied all these claims saying that the privacy of their users was top priority for them. There have been modifications over the years since facebook was first launched, the layout, the appearance; every time you log on there is something new on facebook. Some criticize facebook for the new timeline that has been introduced on the trial basis, people claim that their previous updates are also open to view hence hindering their privacy.

While people have misused such a wonderful thing, there are some who have made its use to the fullest. Muslims, especially have made groups and pages to express their views regarding certain things happening in the society. You log in the morning and start reading useful hadiths and saying of the Prophet Mohammad SAW, you even can enquire about any issue you are facing by just posting in these groups. 

Facebook has truly changed our lives and has made our lives more complicated and expressed. Facebook good or bad, it depends on how you look at it. 

{Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around 

the laws}