VYETH Student Magazine


Sana Nisar

B.A. LLB (6th Semester)

Vitasta School of Law & Humanities  

Take it from me lad

Too much is too bad

Blow a balloon, it becomes round

Blowing still makes it burst with sound

Tease one person, he becomes sad

Continuous teasing makes him mad

Playing jokes once is jovial thing

Repeated again, it is stale and stinking

To love anybody too much

Is tension in itself too much.


  • Do not feel sorry about mistakes that you have done in the past.
  • Also do not worry about your future which is not in your hands and yet unborn.
  • Only care for the present, rest will follow.
  • Never compare yourself with others.
  • You are a unique person in this world.
  • Never feel jealous of others.
  • Consider your critics as your well wishers.
  • Don’t criticize others at their backs, as backbiting breeds hatred and leads to downfall.
  • Surrender all your worries to God.
  • Come to doorstep of lord and relax.