VYETH Student Magazine


Saba Gulzar

B.A. LLB (6th Semester)

Vitasta School of Law & Humanities  

The first Chinese pilgrim to visits India – Fahien.

The first European invader on Indian soil – Alexander.

The first person in the world to land on the moon – Neil Armstrong.

The first man to enter space – Major Yuri Gagarin

The first woman cosmonaut of the world – Valentina Tareshkova

The first manned space vehicle to land on the moon – Lunar Exploration Module.

The first Space Ship which carried three American Astronauts to land two of them on the moon – Apollo-II.

The first country to send man to the moon – U.S.A 

The first space vehicle to orbit the moon – Suna-10 (U.S.S.R)

India’s first scientific satellite – Aryabhatta.

The first Indian to go into space – Sq.Ldr. Rakesh Sharma.

The first to launch earth satellite are artificial body moon – U.S.S.R.

The first woman of Indian origin in space — Kalpana Chawla.

The first space tourist in the world – Dennis Tito (U.S.A).

The first U.S space shuttle to explode while returning home killing all the astronauts – Columbia.             


Land of the Rising sun Japan

Land of the Thousand lakes Finland

Land of Thunderbolt Bhutan

Land of the White elephants Thailand 

Mysore tiger Tipu Sultan

Pearl of the Antilles Cuba

Pillars of Hercules Gibraltar

Bengals Sorrow River Damodar

Blue Mountains Nilgiri Hills 

City of the Golden Gate San Francisco USA

City of the Golden Temple Amritsar 

Sick man of Europe Turkey

Sorrow of china River Hwang Ho

Spice garden of India Kerala

Venice of the East Alappuzha 

Venice of the Irorth Stockholm, Sweden

White city Belgrade.

World’s bread basket Prairles of N.America

World’s downiest island  Tristan da Cunha 

City of dreaming spires Oxford U.K

City of magnificant           Washington

City of seven hills Rome 

Cockpit of Europe Belgium 

Dark Continent Africa 

Emerald island Ireland 

Pink City Jaipur 

Playground of Europe Switzerland

Quaker city Philadelphia Queen of the Adriatic Venica

Queen of the Arabian Sea Kochi

Roof of the world Pamirs

Saint of the Gutters Mother Teresa

Empire city/city of sky scrapers New York USA

Garden of  England Kent, England

Gateway of India Mumbai

Gift of the Nile Egypt

Granite City Aberdeen Scotland

Great White Way Broadway, New York

Herring pond Atlantic ocean

Holy Land Palestine

Hermit kingdom Korea

Island of Pearls Zanzibar

Key of the Mediterranean Gibraltar

Lady with the Lamp Florence Nightingale

Land of cakes Scotland 

Land of the kangaroo Australia

Land of the golden Pagoda Myanmar (Burma)

Land of lilies Canada

Land of Morning calm Korea

Land of the midnight sun Chicago U.S.A

White man’s grave Guinea Cost

Britain of the South New Zealand

City of Palaces Calcutta, India

City of the dreaming spires Oxford, England

External city Rome Italy

Forbidden city Lhasa, Tibet

Gate of tears Bal-e-man dab

Garden of India Bangalore

Island of Cloves Madagascar 

Land of five rivers Punjab, India