VYETH Student Magazine

Dr. Iqbal as an Educational Philosopher

Sama Rashid
B.A.LLB 1st Semester Roll No: 17

Dr Allama Iqbal (RA) was a genius par excellence of the 20th century. He was a revolutionary revivalist of the Islamic cultural heritage. Poetry for him meant a medium of propagating ideology of Islam. In Islam he saw the seeds of human progress and emancipation of mind. In his preface to Assari Khudi, he clearly explains that the objective of the Manswari is not advocacy of Islam but his creation of an ideal society based on equality, justice, and brotherhood and this is possible only by adhering to an Islamic system of life.
Iqbal was a philosopher and he put forth a philosophy for an
ideal educational system. He based his philosophy on the teaching
of Islam and fought against wish of Tagore.
“Where the mind is without fear,
Where the head is held high,
Where the knowledge is free”
Iqbal based his educational theory on the principles of universality and globalism. He wanted to prepare students for a sustained conviction towards a noble cause. His concept of Khudi was a revolutionary one. He glorified the individuality of man and made it immortal. He was fully aware of the message of the Holy Quran in regard to the significance of education and also of traditions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) in reference to second cause of education. The repeated advice of The Quran to study nature in depth and to derive the possible way for salvation of humanity is the basis for ensuring the purpose and aim of the education. The Prophet’s (SAW) tradition with regard to education and scholarship open our vistas of thought. Seeking of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim.
The ink of a scholar is more precious than the blood of martyr.
Dr Iqbal was really an advocate of universal peace and brotherhood. He presented a system of education which would bring peace of mind to all and would enable the cause of humanity at large.
Dr Iqbal’s (RA) views upon female education are apparent in his poems. To him the creation of woman and their presence is a great blessing of Allah as a woman is an inspiration of
life. He says in one of his book “Zarb-i-Kalim” that:
“The whole universe is colourful due to her presence The life’s music is charming due to her
We’ll not cry if you fart.
The smell can’t kill us.
It can’t even damage our noses.
We’ll still have the smell
Of our mother’s soup
Running in and out of our holes. We’ll not cry when we hunger. Stomach
cries can’t harm us. It can’t even cry us.
We’ll still have our mother’s Breasts to suck on
When the land becomes dry,
We’ll not cry if we don’t go to school. Our teachers won’t miss us.
It won’t even devaluate us.
We’ll still have our bags on our backs As we ride our small bicycles
Around our boring community,